Sunday, January 22, 2012


Last Sunday at our family dinner, I realized how loud kids are when they get together.  There was a little wrestling/brawling going on when I went to investigate the yelling.

After volleyball on Monday, I went to my brother's place.  We heard some shrieking from Lincoln and when we found him, he'd fallen over the tub and was holding himself up, completely stuck.  I had to laugh that he could get himself into this situation.

One night this week, something beeped on my phone after I'd fallen asleep.  I was laying on my stomach and my phone was near my head on the left.  As I reached for it with my right hand, my arm was in the way and I gouged myself.  Ouch!

I finally took down my Christmas stuff, so my front room is back in order.  My visiting teacher's were coming over, so I had to put away the disarray that had been my house for a week.  VTs are always so helpful, aren't they? ;)

I got to spend this weekend with Audrey for her birthday celebration.  So what if her birthday was in September.  ;)  We went to dinner at Texas Roadhouse and then had a sleepover.
Perfect for a little karaoke the next day.

Just a shot for fun... the horses that live at the end of my street, right by my church.  I'm loving the snow-capped mountains.

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